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Check out the best spots for cheering on your friends and loved ones on course!

Steamtown Marathon Viewpoints

Viewpoint # 1
Main Street, City of Carbondale

Distance from Downtown Scranton – approximately 15 miles
Point in the Race – 8.2 mile mark
Expected Arrival Time by First Runners at this Viewpoint – 8:40 a.m.


  • Leave Downtown Scranton going north on Mulberry St and merge straight onto Expressway.
  • Take the Scranton Expressway approximately 3.1 miles.
  • At Y in road bear right onto Business Route 6 East towards Dickson City.
  • Pass the Viewmont Mall on Bus. Rt. 6 East.
  • Drive through many traffic lights and pass numerous shopping areas on Bus. Rt. 6.
  • As you near Carbondale (about 13 miles from Downtown Scranton) stay on Bus. Route 6 East.
  • Pass Carbondale High School on your left (14.4 miles from Downtown Scranton)
  • When you see the shopping center with the Burger King on your left (14.7 miles from Downtown) you are just a two-block walk from Viewpoint # 1 on Main Street in Carbondale.

NOTE: Viewpoint # 1 may also be accessed by taking Interstate 81 to Exit 191 A and then following Business Route 6 East as described above.

Viewpoint # 2
Main Avenue & Bridge Street, Jessup Borough

Distance from Viewpoint # 1 – approximately 9.3 miles
Point in the Race – 17.15 mile mark
Expected Arrival Time by First Runners at this Viewpoint – 9:30 a.m.

Directions from Viewpoint # 1 to Viewpoint # 2:

  • Reverse direction and travel on Business Route 6 West.
  • Travel 5.9 miles.
  • Pass the former Sugerman’s Shopping Plaza on left
  • At traffic light just past the former Sugerman’s, make a left onto Betty Street (by Monroe Muffler)
  • Travel ½ mile (you’ll pass gas station/convenient mart on left).
  • At T-Intersection by cemetery (6.7 miles from Viewpoint #1) make a left toward Jermyn.
  • Drive 3/10ths of one mile and bear right onto Kennedy Dr. (by small grassy island).
  • Travel 1.1 miles to bottom of hill.
  • At bottom of hill, make a right turn onto Main Avenue (expect some traffic congestion here).
  • Follow Main Ave. 1.1 miles to stop sign at corner of Main Ave. & Bridge St (see runners on left!)
  • Either turn right on Bridge St. and look for place to park OR…
  • …OR continue driving 1/10th of a mile on Main Avenue to Walnut St (restaurant on your right at the corner of Main and Walnut). Turn right onto Walnut St. to find additional parking.

Notice: Please use caution and courtesy at all times. Watch for volunteers and spectators. Proceed at a safe speed at all times. DO NOT CROSS THE PATH OF THE RUNNERS!

To travel to the finish, continue in the same direction on Main Ave. After driving 6/10th’s of one mile on Main you’ll see the runners again on your left at the traffic light at Keystone Ave. intersection (17.49-mile mark). Continue through light on Main until you come to light by the Hospital. Turn left at light (by statue) and continue on Main Ave. Continue on Main until you see the big anchor (yes, anchor) near the light on W. Lackawanna Ave. (you’ll see runners on left again here – 20.08-mile mark). Turn right at light (W. Lackawanna Ave.) and travel uphill 6/10th’s of one mile. At top of very steep hill, make a right and drive ½ mile. Immediately after driving underneath highway overpass bear RIGHT (keep bearing right) and follow signs for Bus. Route 6 West. At traffic light, turn right onto Bus. Route 6 West / Scranton Carbondale Highway and follow Bus. Route 6 West approximately 2.9 miles (pass numerous shopping areas) and you’ll see signs for “Scranton Expressway/Route 11 South”. Follow expressway into Downtown Scranton. You’ll enter downtown on Mulberry St.